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Harpham Building

808 P Street


The Harpham building was built in 1903 and housed 82 employees of The Harpham Brothers Company. The four-story building was specially designed as both a wholesale warehouse and a thoroughly equipped harness and saddle factory. By 1905 there were three Lincoln saddlery factories, two of which were located in Haymarket.

Attached to the main building at the east rear is the Harpham Brothers Horse Collar Factory, added in 1912. Harpham Brothers remained active until the mid-1950s, manufacturing harnesses, briefcases, golf bags, belts and saddles.

Today, The Harpham Building is the centerpiece of “Haymarket Square”, a mixed-use rehabilitation project consisting of four buildings surrounding a beautiful courtyard with large shad trees, beautiful plants and flowers and water fountain. The brown-brick “P” Street facade of the Harpham Building is one of the most dignified in the district, with three-story tall pilasters framing the upper floors, restrained copper cornice, and a nicely detailed main entrance. That doorway echoes in miniature the design of the whole facade. Note also the wrought iron decoration of the fire escape.

Inside the Harpham Building you will find a variety of unique office spaces available to call your own. Enjoy the sites and sounds of the beautiful courtyard outside your window or enjoy a wonderful meal at Vincenzo’s Ristorante, located on 1st floor of the building.

SpaceSquare Ft.
Suite 200EApprox 100 sq. ft.View More Information
Suite 208Approx 325 sq. ft.View More Information
Suite 210Approx 2,575 sq. ft.View More Information
Suite 400Approx 4,000 sq. ft.View More Information

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