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Horse Collar Factory

818 P Street


At the north end of the Haymarket Square Courtyard is the Horse Collar Factory. In 1912, the Harpham Brothers attached this red brick building to the Harpham Brothers Saddle and Harness Factory for the purpose of manufacturing “horse collars”.

The two-story building contains a lower level with a high ceiling. Throughout the interior of the Horse Collar Factory one will observe wood beams, columns and joists.

With the completion of “modern” Haymarket Square” the lower level entrance was added directly to the Haymarket Square Courtyard. The second floor office suite enters directly into the Harpham Building second floor.

The Haymarket Square Courtyard adds a beautiful doorstep to the Horse Collar Factory, including trees, a fountain, and plentiful wrought iron and aluminum tables and chairs. The lamp posts are fluted steel columns that originally lined Lincoln’s exclusive Sheridan Boulevard.

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